StenCom is a leading supplier of high-quality and innovative imported fabrics, materials and accessories for the production of outerwear, leather goods, footwear and headwear. The assortment list of products includes about 7,000 items and includes the following groups: jacket and raincoat fabrics in one-colored and printed version; coat fabrics woolen and mixed; artificial leather; faux fur; materials for bags; materials for workwear and shoes; adhesive materials and insulation; accessories. The products of the company are manufactured accordin

Категория продукции:
Трикотажные полотна
Ткани для производства одежды
Фурнитура, аксессуары, отделочные материалы, галантерея


Россия, Москва, Варшавское шоссе, 37а (ст. м. «Нагатинская»)
+7 (495) 781-38-09

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