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Akbar Textile is the official export representative in China. The main office of the company is located in the heart of world trade – the city of Guangzhou. The company was founded in 2017. The mission of Akbar Textile company is to make the business of selling fabrics from China easy, affordable and safe for everyone.

Akbar Textile will present more than 100 types of fabrics at the exhibition this season, for example:
- cotton fabrics,
- viscose,
- polyester,
- muslin,
- flannel,
- staple,
- footer,
- fabrics for sports,
- luxury fabrics for the bed,
- satin,
- tencel.
The company's fabrics are suitable for factories engaged in the production of clothing and bed linen.

Country of Origin:
Product Category:
Home textiles
Fabrics for the production of clothing
Fabrics by purpose:
Lace fabrics
Coat fabrics
Raincoat fabrics
Linen fabrics
Shirt fabrics
Womens clothing
Magpie fabrics
Mens clothing
Dress fabrics
Lining fabrics
Children clothing
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Silk / blended fabrics
Cotton / blended fabrics
Linen / blended fabrics
Elastic fabrics
Minimum Order(Cloths):
100-300 m/ 500-1000 m/ > 1000 m
Price from:
Price to:
Production time:
15-20 days
Delivery time to Russia:
15-18 days

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