пав. Форум, L16

INTEX offers its customers a service for duplicating and quilting all types of fabrics. INTEX produces a stitch of any complexity.

Duplication on modern equipment allows you to perform high-quality bonding of adhesive materials with fabric. Equipment with high productivity makes it possible to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

- More than 1000 drawing options and the ability to create your own exclusive drawing design.
- The ability to make a stitch on a fabric up to 325 cm wide.
- Stitch with various types of insulation (sintepon, batting, woolen, etc.).

Country of Origin:
Pavilion "Forum"
Product Category:
Fabrics for the production of clothing
Fabrics by purpose:
Womens clothing
Mens clothing
Raincoat fabrics
Lining fabrics
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Minimum Order(Cloths):
50-100 m
Price from:
40 RUB
Price to:
500 RUB
Production time:
3 days
Delivery time to Russia:
3-5 days


+7 (495) 600-48-24
109382 г. Москва, Егорьевский проезд, дом 2 строение 8, офис 9
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