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The largest supplier and distributor of high-quality fabrics and knitwear on the Russian market. In 2017, the company launched the production of circular knitted fabrics, and in April 2020, a full-cycle production was opened in Uzlovaya, Tula Region. The fleet of equipment includes 28 knitting machines that produce high-quality knitting in grades 24 to 32, dyeing barges, drying and tentering equipment and tufting machines.

We produce Supplex, Neoprene, False mesh, Jersey, Footer, Stocking surface made of polyamide and synthetic threads, Ribana and Cashmere. ActiveCool knitwear and antibacterial impregnated knitwear.

Product Category:
Membrane fabrics and other "smart" fabrics for sports and active lifestyle
Fabrics for the production of clothing
Knitted fabrics
Fabrics by purpose:
Linen fabrics
Womens clothing
Mens clothing
Lining fabrics
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Elastic fabrics
Other materials:
Jersey knitted fabrics
Country of Origin:
Minimum Order(Cloths):
< 50 м.
Price to:
Price from:
Delivery time to Russia:
Production time:



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