PrinTrade™, the official distributor of Tyvek® in Russia

пав. 7, зал 5, 75D14

The company PrintTrade° is engaged in the development and production of accessories, souvenirs, clothing made of Tyvek°material. For about 10 years, it has been the official distributor of Tyvek° DuPont° material in Russia. The souvenirs have an exclusive design and construction.

Product Category:
Medical textiles
Membrane fabrics and other "smart" fabrics for sports and active lifestyle
Home textiles
Technical fabrics (textiles and nonwovens)
Fabrics for the production of clothing
Fabrics by purpose:
Children clothing
Womens clothing
Furniture and decorative fabrics
Mens clothing
Raincoat fabrics
Lining fabrics
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Fabrics dyed in a piece
Other materials:
Padding material
Coated fabrics
Country of Origin:
Minimum Order(Cloths):
< 50 м
Price to:
713 руб/м2
Price from:
150 руб/м2
Delivery time to Russia:
От 2–4 дней
Production time:
Материал в наличии. Производство сувениров – от 4–5 недель


197374, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Optikov Str., 4, bld 2A, off. 332
+7 921 982-33-90

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