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The company Unteks Group was founded in 1995. UNTEKS company represents a full cycle of works: the production of cotton yarn, knitted fabric, dyeing knitted fabric dye pattern on knitted fabric and clothing. The company also has the ability to provide customers with a wide range of textile products for the production of knitwear and underwear.

Product Category:
Knitted fabrics
Fabrics by purpose:
Linen fabrics
Children clothing
Womens clothing
Mens clothing
Magpie fabrics
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Bleached fabrics
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Yarn-dyed fabrics
Elastic fabrics
Fabrics dyed in a piece
Other materials:
Printed fabrics, fabric prints
Jersey knitted fabrics
Country of Origin:
Minimum Order(Cloths):
< 50 м


109316, Russia, Moscow, Ostapovskiy Pr., 5, bld 6, floor 3, off. 312 Warehouse: 140090, Russia, Moscow Oblast, Dzerzhinskiy, Denisiyevskiy Pr., 11

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