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Furtex company was founded in 2003 and is a supplier of fabric for the clothing production. Fabrics of different raw materials and textures are offered, but the main field is fabrics with natural compositions. Stylish and individual collections of designer prints make it possible to create clothes that are in high commercial demand among consumers. In addition to wholesale sales, the company works with small wholesale (from 5 meters) for shops and ateliers. Great combination of price and quality.

Product Category:
Fabrics for the production of clothing
Knitted fabrics
Fabrics by purpose:
Children clothing
Womens clothing
Suit fabrics
Dress fabrics
Raincoat fabrics
Shirt fabrics
Magpie fabrics
Fabrics by raw material composition:
Bleached fabrics
Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics
Linen / blended fabrics
Woolen / blended fabrics
Elastic fabrics
Fabrics dyed in a piece
Other materials:
Printed fabrics, fabric prints
Jersey knitted fabrics
Country of Origin:


8 (926) 289-30-89
127238, Russia, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe Shosse, 581 Russia, Moscow, Selskokhozyaystvennaya Str.,4, pav. М-1

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    Смирнова Вера
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